Our Cats & The Ragdoll Story

The Story Behind the Cats

Splendid Gem Ragdolls

Ann Baker

Began work to create the Ragdoll breed in 1963 at her home in Riverside, california. Iinteresting mythologies abound about this beginning. For photos of the first ragdolls and To read more visit the http://ragdollhistoricalsociety.org/
    Seal Tortie Bicolor Ragdoll Our Oceans is a Seal Tortie Point Bicolor Ragdoll.

A very special breed of cat

Their beauty is only part of the story.  Ragdolls are sweet, affectionate cats who seek human companionship.   They will become lonely if left alone so they do best in homes where someone is home or other animals are in the home.  

I personally fell in love with the breed while volunteering at a cat rescue.   I met my first Ragdoll — and fell in love.  My mission is for everyone to discover these amazing cats.

Ragdolls are born all white.  Their point colors come in as they are exposed to the cooler temperatures outside of mom.  Their gorgeous blue eyes develop during their first year of life and you may notice that the blue looks different in different lighting and different times of year.   They are so expressive and seem to know just when i need a cuddle.  Blessings on your search for your forever friend.

Our Ragdoll cats

Our Ragdolls come from some of the finest show lines in the world.  We work hard to raise them so they are healthy & loving members of their new families.

They are all tested negative for the HCM mutation, FeLV and FIV.  

We provide a two-year genetic health guarantee.


Our mission

We joined together to further improve our Ragdoll lines and hopefully leave the Ragdoll breed a little better than when we started.

Heidi is in Michigan near Jackson. She is close to Canada and Indiana.  While Maryann lives near the west tennessee/Kentucky border and is close to Missouri and Arkansas.